Become a
Certified Hotel Administrator (CHA)

The Certified Hotel Administrator (CHA) is a prestigious professional certification delivered by the American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA) that recognizes leadership and operational skills in the hotel industry.

Our week-long virtual workshop will help you establish yourself as a leader in the industry and exchange best-practices with your peers.

Our comprehensive CHA Workshop covers topics such as...

  • Financial Management
  • Food and Beverage Management
  • Human Resources
  • Leadership
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Revenue Management
  • Rooms Management

Workshop Schedule

Mon - Wed: 9 am - 4 pm ET (CHA Training)
Thursday: 9 am - 4 pm ET (CHA Assessment)

December 11-14, 2023

Workshop includes CHA assessment on final day

General managers and hospitality executives provide leadership to every level of a hospitality operation. They establish the vision and lead their staff in executing it. Their dedication to the hospitality industry is evident in the way they seek out continuing education, manage their employees, and ensure the financial success of the property.

The internationally-recognized Certified Hotel Administrator (CHA) designation is the ultimate recognition of excellence in the industry.

The CHA is right for the following positions:

  • General Manager, owner/operator in a lodging hospitality company, or corporate executive at a lodging hospitality company responsible for the operation of two or more properties.
  • Assistant general manager or director of operations/rooms division (after successfully completing the CRDE)

Meet the Instructor

Dr. Williams holds a PhD in Hospitality Management from Iowa State University; a Doctorate’s of Management / Organizational Leadership from University of Phoenix; MS in Administration from Central Michigan University; BS in Management/CIS from Park University. He is also a Certified Hospitality Educator (CHE).

James Williams, Ph.D., D.M., CHE, CC

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Register for a CHA Workshop

Follow the steps below to register for a CHA Workshop


Purchase the CHA application, study materials, and exam package: $900

Be sure to review eligibility requirements and all steps under How to Apply.

Visit these How-To documents for more information:

Purchase CHA Application


Complete your application.

You will receive email notification when your application is approved.


Enroll in the CHA Exam session by logging into your AHLEI account and then clicking this link.


  • In order to enroll, you need to purchase the CHA Application Package first.
  • You will not see the exam in your account until you enroll.
  • Exam cannot be launched until the day of the exam, when the proctor starts the exam session.
  • Candidates must enroll prior to the exam date. Otherwise, candidates will need to contact the instructor for a new exam registration link. Contact Instructor James Williams for link if needed:


On the first day of the workshop, log into the session.

Your instructor will provide login information before the workshop begins.

Please email Ann Mahoney,, for CHA workshop registration.